Test management is a mature testing segment currently being transformed by the widespread adoption of Agile, DevOps and Test Driven development. Most test management tools are either geared toward Agile or Waterfall development methodologies. Below are Test Management tools to consider:  
  1. qTest Manager by QASymphony
Summary: Provides tracking, management, organization and reporting capabilities for software testing and test case management. qTest Manager sets up and manages requirements, organizes and manages test cases, executes tests, tracks defects and reports on test data. It also integrates with JIRA, Rally and VersionOne as well as other popular automation tools. Features:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows for a variety of integrations such as JIRA, Jenkins, Rally and automation
  • Supports manual, exploratory and automated testing all in once place
  • Market leader in software testing tools built for Agile teams.
What you really need to know: qTest Manager is a market leader in test management tools and is the only platform tool that offers a single source of truth for manual, exploratory and automated testing. It also offers the most comprehensive view of testing efforts, reporting and provides seamless integrations with leading automation tools and JIRA. For more information: Learn more about qTest test management here. Reviews: Read qTest reviews on their G2Crowd.com listing page. Pricing: No prices listed on their website, but you can request pricing here.  
  1. SmartBear QAComplete
Summary:  Provides visibility into the testing process with capabilities to manage, organize and report on tests. SmartBear QAComplete offers out-of-the-box templates or custom workflow options, defect logging, the ability to trace tests to user stories and reusability across the testing cycle. It also integrates with tools like Jira, Selenium and SoapUI. Features:
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports a variety of integrations
What you really need to know: SmartBear QAComplete provides a single location to manage testing. Through customization, it can work for both Agile and Waterfall development processes. For more information: Learn more about QAComplete. Pricing: Plans start at $599 per year with 2 pricing tiers. View pricing here.  
  1. Zephyr
Summary:  Supports creation, planning, execution and tracking of tests. Zephyr supports structured and free-form tests as well as manual and automated tests and integrates with leading tools like JIRA, Confluence and Bugzilla. Features:
  • Offers real-time visibility
  • Supports execution of multiple tests at once
What you really need to know: Zephyr is another player in the test management space, with an emphasis on real-time, on-demand testing. It is particularly focused on the smaller to mid markets segment through Atlassian, but is not built for the Enterprise. For more information: Learn more about this test management tool at GetZephyr.com. Pricing: Read how to buy Zephyr here.  
  1. Testuff
Summary:  A SaaS test management tool with both web and desktop clients that supports various testing methodologies and offers management capabilities throughout the entire testing lifecycle. Testuff also supports automated testing, two-way integrations with bug trackers and video tracking of defects. Features:
  • Offers a video recording feature for defect tracking
  • Lower priced
  • User-friendly
What you really need to know: Testuff is a SaaS tool whose most unique feature is its video defect tracking. It also offers a multitude of integrations with bug trackers and several integrations with automation tools. For more information: You can learn more at Testuff.com Pricing: Plans start at $27 per user per month with 3 pricing tiers. View pricing here.