Integration/API testing tools send various types of payloads through APIs to make sure they accept valid inputs and reject improper ones with proper messages.

Some of these software testing tools can also provide testing for load. Integration/API testing is especially important for cloud, mobile and PaaS. Let’s look at a handful of Integration/API testing tools to consider:

  1. CA Technologies Application Test


Uses a declarative workflow model that focuses on building tests over scripting. CA Application Test embraces the shift left by allowing for API testing before UI development. It also offers automated mobile testing, visual tests, customized load testing and advanced analytics.


  • Allows for integration of mobile testing
  • Integrates with Selenium for improved visual editing
  • Offers robust mainframe support
  • Allows for reuse of LISA test cases and infrastructure
  • Creates a load on an internal network with few resources

What you really need to know: CA Technologies is mostly focused on competing in the mainframe space and testing desktop applications and complex infrastructure using LISA.
For more information: Checkout the CA Application Test website.


  1. IBM Rational Test Workbench


A comprehensive test automation tool with integration testing capabilities as well as mobile, regression, performance and scalability testing capabilities. In terms of integration testing, IBM Rational Test Workbench allows for service-level testing, automatic scheduling and execution of testing via an integration with the IBM Rational collaborative lifecycle management tool.


  • Allows for continuous integration testing
  • Integrates with the larger IBM Rational testing suite for expanded capabilities
  • Provides lifecycle collaboration
  • Supports automaton

What you really need to know: IBM Rational Test Workbench provides a complete set of enterprise-ready testing tools that cover testing needs throughout the development lifecycle.
For more information: Checkout the Rational Test Workbench automation solution for load and integration testing.
Pricing: Plans start at $3,730 per year with 12 pricing tiers.


  1. Parasoft SOAtest


Provides test automation for end-to-end scenarios across multiple endpoints with support for REST, web services and over 120 protocols/message types. Parasoft SOAtest creates extensible and reusable tests. In addition to API testing, it also offers SOA testing, web and performance testing, web UI testing, runtime error testing, API security testing, service virtualization, and development testing.


  • Offers capabilities beyond integration/API testing
  • Supports a wide selection of messaging/protocols

What you really need to know: Parasoft SOAtest offers automated API testing as well as several other testing capabilities. Its most unique feature is the extensive list of environments, including protocols, platforms and messaging formats, that it supports.
For more information: Checkout Parasofts SOAtest API testing solution.
Reviews: Read a few reviews of SOAtest at


  1. SmartBear Ready! API


A complete API testing platform with support for API functional testing, API load testing, API security testing, service virtualization, API testing in code, API performance management and defining, building, and managing APIS. SmartBear Ready! API provides project management, metrics and reporting, script support, discovery, and continuous integration across all of these API testing capabilities.


  • Provides a wide variety of API testing capabilities
  • Supports continuous integration

What you really need to know: SmartBear Ready! API is a comprehensive API testing tool that covers API testing across functional, performance and post-deployment testing. It also integrates with the larger SmartBear testing environment.
For more information: Checkout SmartBears Ready! API testing tool.


  1. Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar


Provides API service testing, API emulation and virtualization and API security gateway technologies. Crosscheck Networks uses a dynamic mutation technology to deliver functional automation, performance and security testing. It also offers API simulated behavior modeling with support for a variety of protocols and messages.


  • Provides virtualization and security testing as well as API service testing
  • Supports a variety of protocols and messages, including JSON, REST and SOAP

What you really need to know: Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar offers a variety of API testing capabilities, although it emphasizes functional, performance and security testing for service endpoints. It runs these tests using a patented mutation technology.
For more information: Checkout CrossCheck Service Testing.
Pricing: Plans start at $799 per year with 2 pricing tiers. Request pricing here.

Open Source Integration testing tools:

There are also several open source options for integration and API testing. If you decide to go the open source route, consider these tools:

Apache JMeterAPI Testing
SoapUIAPI Testing
PowerMockObject Mocking
EasyMockObject Mocking
REST AssuredAPI Testing
WebInjectAPI Testing
MockitoObject Mocking
JmockitObject Mocking
mocktailObject Mocking
WireMockObject Mocking
BetamaxObject Mocking
MockserverObject Mocking