Why use Functional Testing tools? Functional Testing tools drive automated tests by interacting with the UI layer of an application. These tools usually provide a record and playback interface, making it easier for nontechnical testers to provide automation coverage. However, these tests can be slow and brittle.  These tools usually provide a record and playback interface, making it easier for nontechnical testers to provide automation coverage.  
  1. Katalon Studio
Summary: A complete web and mobile automation framework built on top of Selenium and Appium, Katalon Studio is packed with essential features that only available in commercial tools while remaining as a free solution Features:
  • Dual scripting interface for new and advanced users
  • Out of the box integration with qTest and JIRA
  • Support Agile team with CI workflow
What you really need to know: Katalon Studio is a cross-platform tool to transform your manual testing into automation that requires minimum program background.  For more information: Check out the Katalon Studio site Reviews: Head over to Capterra and SoftwareTestingHelp to read reviews. Pricing: Free  
  1. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
Summary: Previously known as QuickTest Professional (QTP), HP UFT automates GUI functionality and back-end service testing. It also offers reusable test components, helps convert manual testing assets into automated ones, embraces the shift left to make testing part of the Agile development cycle, and allows for testing across multiple machines and devices. Features:
  • Strong partner network
  • Increasing support for newer browsers and mobile (though HP does fall behind other market leaders)
  • Integrated offering that includes other test tools
What you really need to know: Although HP remains the market share leader in paid test automation, it has recently struggled to focus on newer platforms, ceding ground to competitors. For more information: Check out the HP UFT site Reviews: Checkout UTF reviews over at ITCentralStation.com Pricing: Plans start at $600 per month with three pricing tiers. Visit their pricing page to learn more.  
  1. IBM Rational Functional Tester
Summary: Part of IBM’s larger Rational testing platform, the Rational Functional Tester uses data-driven testing to automate functional and regression testing. It supports a variety of applications and allows for both storyboard testing and test scripting. Features:
  • Integrated offering that includes other test tools
  • Supports legacy platforms and frameworks
  • Offers mature and dependable tools
What you really need to know: Once a true market leader, IBM has had to focus on standing its ground against rising competition from HP and up and coming players in recent years. For more information: Check out the IBM Rational Functional Testing site. Reviews: Checkout a few reviews over at TrustRadius.com and ITCentralStation.com. Pricing: Plans start at $3,400 per month with 6 pricing tiers. Visit their pricing page to learn more.  
  1. Tricentis Tosca Testsuite
Summary:  Provides model-based test automation focused on test case design versus problem solving. The Tosca Testsuite also offers end-to-end testing and recording capabilities. Features:
  • Offers support for Agile
  • Includes a more complete set of tools around test data management and Orchestration
  • Delivers model-based automation support that allows for easier reuse/less maintenance
What you really need to know: With the Tosca Testsuite, Tricentis has focused on creating model-based automation and a “mini-suite” that goes beyond pure test automation to provide risk coverage and test case design as well. For more information: Check out the Tricentis test-automation site. Reviews: Head over to ITCentralStation.com or G2Crowd.com to read reviews.  
  1. Worksoft Certify
Summary:  Automates functional testing of business processes across the entire application landscape. Worksoft Certify offers capabilities around discovery, validation, measurement, compliance and scale. Features:
  • Takes a scriptless approach
  • Compatible with package software as well as custom built code/extensions
  • Easy to use
  • Well supported
What you really need to know: Although Certify works with a wide variety of applications and custom built code/extensions, it’s focus is on supporting package software like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. For more information: Checkout Worksoft Certify automated business process testing. Reviews: Checkout reviews at ITCentralStation.com.  
  1. TestPlant eggPlant Functional
Summary:  An automated functional testing tool that uses an image-based approach, which looks at the screen of any device the same way a user would. This image-based UI testing differs from the traditional approach because it tests from the perspective of a user rather than by looking at code. eggPlant Functional works across all device types. Features:
  • Allows for reuse of functional automation for performance testing
  • Fast development
  • Offers lab management and CI integration
  • Supports all major platforms including web, mobile, POS systems – anything behind a pane of glass
What you really need to know: eggPlant Functional’s use of an image-based approach to automation can help solve complex automation problems.  Their approach allows testers with little to no automation skills to achieve robust automation overage and for teams that have struggled to implement automation, its a way to get over the hump. For more information: Checkout eggPlant Functionals automated mobile & desktop UI testing site. Reviews: Head over to ITCentralStation.com to read a couple reviews. Pricing: No prices listed, but view licensing and pricing information here.
  1. Ranorex
Summary:  Allows for setup and execution of test automation scripts and offers GUI object recognition, reusable code modules and record/play back functionality. Ranorex also offers script-free functionality. Features:
  • Developer-friendly
  • Delivers strong object recognition
  • Offers a straightforward and affordable pricing model
What you really need to know: Ranorex provides similar functionality to integrated suite vendors with lower cost licenses and maintenance. For more information: Checkout the Ranorex functional test automation site. Reviews: G2Crowd.com and ITCentralStation.com have a good amount of reviews. Pricing: Plans start at € 1,990 per license with 2 pricing tiers. Visit their pricing page to learn more.